Lighting Fixtures
Bellco LED Lighting enables infinite creativity and simplicity
by letting you precisely control the size, brightness, and color of light.
Easily create the exact look you want for any space.

Bellco LED Lighting—Advancing the Art of Light

Not long ago, lighting was just a small, functional element of design. Today, we understand that light design—its color, brightness, and distribution, is a critically important design discipline that can be used to increase our sense of well-being, generate excitement, increase productivity, or even inspire creative thought!

Bellco LED Lighting is advancing the art of lighting design by providing unparalleled control over how and where sophisticated lighting can be provided.

Our extraordinarily scalable and flexible products offer frame-breaking design possibilities to architects, interior designers, landscape designers and building professionals. But the incredible installation simplicity and affordability make our products highly popular with homeowners, too. Whether you are a professional or a Do-It-Yourselfer, you’ll find Bellco LED Lighting to be exceptionally well-made, practical, durable, cost-efficient, and energy-efficient.

Bellco LED Lighting can be ordered pre-assembled in a variety of high-quality aluminum fixtures and in the precise length, light color and intensity needed.
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