About Bellco LED

Bellco LED Lighting is a division of Global L.C.S. Ltd., a world-leader in the development and manufacturing of aluminum products for sophisticated uses in industry, agriculture, construction, electronics, medical equipment, aerospace, home furnishings, automobiles and more.
Global L.C.S. provides the beautiful, versatile, and durable aluminum fixtures used in all Bellco LED lighting. The fixtures, made in Israel under the supervision of The Standards Institution of Israel, meet strict international standards for color, finish, and quality.
Bellco LED Lighting products are specifically designed to emphasize the best advantages of LED technology, including aesthetic appeal, cost efficiency, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and ease-of-installation. Our product development is informed by generations of design and aluminum fabrication experience, as well as input from highly experienced architects, lighting designers, builders, interior decorators, gallery curators and other professionals.
Bellco LED Lighting solutions have been installed in private homes, businesses, and institutions throughout the world.

Contact Bellco USA - Light & Aluminum Design:
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Tel: +408-483-1323
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