Lighting Fixture Styles

Whether lighting a small room, an art gallery, or an expansive public garden, Step One in achieving your lighting goals
is to choose the appropriate fixture styles.  
We offer nearly 40 LED lighting fixture models in three styles:
All our lighting products feature high-quality aluminum housing and state-of-the-art LED lamp systems that provide a rich variety of design effects, and long-lasting, energy-efficient, service.

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Bellco’s New Architectural Detail-style Lighting

In addition to traditional recessed, positioned or hung lighting fixtures, Bellco’s new Architectural Detail-style Lighting provides architects and homeowners alike with exceptional lighting impact and near-limitless scalability and flexibility. Best of all, Bellco Architectural Detail-style Lighting provides a virtually invisible source of lighting, enabling an unparalleled level of clean, unobtrusive integration with existing design aesthetics.
Sophisticated light designers are approaching Bellco’s new Architectural Detail-style Lighting as a new art form—its power and flexibility is that extraordinary!  However, its versatility and ease-of-use makes it a fine choice for homeowners looking for a practical, impactful, room-lighting solution.

Unfamiliar with LED lighting technology?

Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions about LED lighting that will get you up to speed:

Is all LED lighting the same?

No. It is important to know that LED is a relatively new technology. However, the technology has advanced several generations and it is now possible to distinguish between high-quality LED lighting and LED lighting that is of low quality. High-quality LED lighting offers consistent illumination levels, a real life-span of thousands of hours, and comes with a manufacturer's warranty ensuring durability.

Which lighting fixture material is best for LED lighting?

Although LED lighting is energy-efficient, it still heats up slightly and dissipation of that heat will extend its lifespan. Bellco LED lighting fixtures are designed with durable aluminum housing that dissipates heat while providing a wide range of finish colors and styles—even faux wood finishes.

Will Bellco LED lighting fixtures work with my "smart home” automation system?

Yes, Bellco LED lighting fixtures are designed to easily integrate into any environment.

What happens if the LED lights burn out? Do I need to replace the entire unit?

Some LED lighting fixtures require the entire unit to be replaced when the LED fails. At Bellco, we believe LED lighting solutions should be designed with both beauty and practicality in mind. That’s why we combine high-quality LEDs with lighting fixtures made from heat-dissipating aluminum. If a problem arises, even for hidden, recessed or suspended fixtures, we make it easy to swap out the LED lights themselves without having to purchase a new lighting fixture.

Where and how are Bellco LED lighting fixtures made?

Bellco LED lighting fixtures are made at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Israel. Our production processes are informed by the engagement of artists, designers, architects, contractors, and other building professionals who help ensure that our products meet the market’s highest demands for quality, durability, design variety and installation ease.  In addition to quality products, we take pride in offering an exceptional level of custom-design consultation.

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Seeing is believing

Bellco LED lighting presents infinite possibilities for lighting design. The best way to prove that potential is to show you the work of our real-life customers—the homeowners, designers, business owners, and others who have used Bellco LED lighting to artfully brighten their homes, businesses, commercial facilities, and other spaces.

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