Recessed lighting fixtures

Recessed lighting illuminates and defines spaces without intruding into them or interfering with sightlines. You can add recessed lighting to virtually any wall or ceiling surface, or, use them to brighten a closet, or provide subtle ambience- and safety-enhancing light to an outdoor deck or pergola.

Bellco LED recessed lighting fixtures come in a variety of styles, colors, and light intensities. (Its finish can even be wood-like so long as it’s not submerged).  The dimensions of your fixture are up to you—we can provide whatever length you need.  That means you can use your Bellco LED recessed lighting to provide functional lighting, atmospheric lighting, or any design purpose you want in any size space.
The following are our recessed lighting fixtures, made of high-quality aluminum.  Click each individual model to see descriptions and specifications. Your lighting fixtures can be ordered pre-assembled, directly from the factory—just install and enjoy:


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