Ambiance Lighting

Any interior designer or architect will acknowledge that lighting is an inseparable part of the ambiance of any space. Using LED lighting, you can add or change the ambiance of any space in your home or business.
LED lighting can be extraordinarily impressive, but it is also practical. It easily allows the use of alternate lighting strengths and colors. It allows highlighting one area in a delicate way, while flooding another area with light.
LED lighting can be designed fit any space or material. It can be hidden, invisible, outstanding, hanging or external. They can provide light in any direction and at any length. Take a look at our catalog. You’ll find that no lighting is more flexible or versatile than LED lighting.

Perfect integration in the design

Bellco LED aluminum fixture profiles come in any length, and can be painted to order. Whether you want to light a small area in an existing home or need a comprehensive design for a major renovation or new construction, we are here to help you choose the most suitable fixtures. We frequently collaborate with interior designers, lighting designers, architects, and private homeowners and will be more than happy to help you get the exact lighting you want.

Ideas for ambiance using LED lighting:

  • Lower or raise drywall ceiling
  • Highlight drywall works or crown moulding
  • Highlight art pieces or special surfaces
  • Create an airy look for kitchens, beds, cabinets, media desks - using lower lighting
  • Cabinet interior lighting
  • Curtain line lighting floods light downwards on the fabric for a dramatic look
  • Lighting for reception/entrance/waiting rooms
  • Lighting for long, dark hallways
  • Orientation light for entrances/exits in public buildings or businesses
  • Outdoor lighting along paths or to define areas

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