LED lighting DIY Installation

Bellco LED Lighting can enrich any space you choose.  Our LED light fixtures are designed to be installed quickly, easily, and safely, whether ordered in standard or custom lengths.
The following project instructions show how easy it is upgrade your lighting and save on energy costs:

Plan and measure

LED Lighting 
Choose the area where you want to upgrade to LED strips lighting. Consider if you want soft lighting for ambiance or  bright lighting for work spaces or other needs.
Measure the length of the required LED light fixture. Measurement can be accurate up to the ends or one can use a little shorter light fixture - as needed.
Ensure there is a power outlet to connect to the light fixture. If there is no power outlet available, contact a certified electrician. 

Call Bellco LED

LED Lighting 
After the initial measuring and planning, the Bellco team will be happy to review your needs. Our advice will guarantee that you choose the most appropriate fixture and LED lamps, as well as explain any special surface preparation needed for the installation.

Receiving the Kit

LED Lighting 
When you order standard length light fixtures, they are delivered to you ready for instant connection.
Special orders of length are delivered with a kit that can be assembled very quickly.
Your light fixture has an aluminum base with an opaque cover for diffusing the light. The LED strip is glued to the aluminum base with a high-quality, double-sided sticky tape, and then, the cover easily snaps-on with a click.

Connecting the kit

LED Lighting 
Now that the kit is ready, we will put it in place. If the light fixture connection is external, meaning on an existing surface (e.g. behind a shelf in the lower cabinet as seen in the picture) we will first connect the clips to the surface. The aluminum base is then snapped onto the clips. If it is a sunken, permanent, LED strip and there's no need to remove it - we recommend using strong glue such as SikaBond Construction Adhesive. This glue is excellent for drywall, wood, concrete, etc.

Let there be light!

LED Lighting 
Enjoy your new lighting!
That’s how easy it is to start realizing the brilliant, money-saving advantages of beautiful Bellco LED Lighting.
Feel free to leave these economical LED light fixtures on all night, and even all day long!

Contact Bellco now for a free, no-obligation lighting consultation and special offer:

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