Economical Lighting

LED lighting is not just beautiful and versatile. It is also environmentally friendly and economical in initial cost, use, and maintenance.

How much does LED lighting cost?

LED lighting was once considered rather expensive, due to its use in exclusive stores, museums and galleries.  Bellco LED lighting is quite affordable. If you want exact prices, please look our catalog over then give us a call so we can be sure we understand your exact needs. We promise that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our prices.

What's the power consumption of LED lighting?

LED lights use a converter that consumes just 12V to produce lighting.

How much does the installation of LED lighting cost?

The installation itself is quite simple. We believe that anybody can do it. However, if installation requires structural changes, such as changing a wall or adding a power outlet, we recommend that you get a professional.  The LED lights  themselves are very easy to install. There's no need for complex technical know-how. Just pick the model or models you need and measure the space you have.

Does LED lighting require replacement?

All lightbulbs eventually burn out, but LED lamps have an exceptionally long lifespan. In comparison with ordinary light bulbs with a lifespan of about 2,500 hours, LED lamps may last more than 25,000 hours. If your Bellco LED lamps ever does need replacement, you’ll find it easy to swap out the old bulbs for new ones.  

How much light is produced by a LED lamp?

Choosing the light strength of LED is just like choosing any other lighting. Bellco LED strips are composed of design aluminum profiles equipped with a diffuser for scattering the light equally. Inside the profile are the LED lamps, which  come in a long rolled strip. The LED lamps can be adjusted or changed at any stage. Some lamps are primarily meant to create soft, delicate ambiance. Color lamps can also be added. Some lamps deliver very bright light.

Before installation, we recommend planning the type of lighting you wish to install in each area.
LED light illumination power is measured according to the illumination of each light on the strip, together with the total number of lights. Don’t worry, we’ll help you get exactly the light intensity that you want.  

Is the tone of LED lighting cold or hot?

LED lighting, just like ordinary lighting, is available in cool blue or white, or warm colors of red or yellow.  Some lamps can change colors. With LED lighting, you can actually change the ambiance of the room throughout the day.  

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