LED Light Compared with Ordinary Light Bulbs

Here is a table summarizing the advantages of LED lamps over old-fashioned light bulbs.
   LED light Compact economical fluorescent light bulb   Incandescent light bulb
 Lifespan  ‎+/- 40,000 hours of rated life  ‎+/- 8,000 hours of rated life‎  +/- 1,200 hours of rated life
Power consumption to produce light equal to that of a 60W incandescent light bulb  ‎+/-  6 Watt‎  +/-  60 Watt  +/-  14 Watt
 Average cost of use for the same lumens  1X 10X
 Speed of turning on to full lighting  Instant  Requires time to heat up to reach full lumens  Instant
 Waterproof and suitable for wet rooms  Can be used in wet rooms  Not recommended for use in moist places  Depends on the light fixture
 Heat emission  Does not emit heat  Emits heat but relatively low  Emits heat
 Contains hazardous substances  Does not contain hazardous substances  Contains mercury  Does not contain hazardous substances
 Sensitive to room temperature  Operates at any temperature  Particularly sensitive to low temperatures  May be sensitive
 The effect of turning on and off on lifespan  No effect at all  Turning on and off shortens the lifespan of CFL light bulbs  Partial effect

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